The federation of European Defence Technology Associations (EDTA) is an influential network of 11 member Associations in 10 European Nations. Each dedicated to Defence and Security Technology development and innovation.
Our main activity is to provide the European Council, European Commission and European Parliament with recommendations on issues related to Defence technology from an independent perspective. 

Membership in our federation adds up to over 6000 individual and 400 corporate members.

EDTA was established in 1992 upon initiative of the Independent European Programme Group (IEPG). This was the platform for armaments cooperation of the Defence Ministers of the European NATO nations.

Six associations of engineers throughout Europe were the founding members of the federation: ACID (Spain), CAIA (France), DWT (Germany), KIVI (Netherlands), MTF (Denmark) and STA (Switserland).  

Main goals are to enhance fellowship and cooperation, exchange of information, improve technological knowledge and promotion of public interest in defence related technology.

EDTA has two levels of membership for National Associations:
- Full members, for associations with a membership of individual engineers or officers, and
- Associated members, for associations with the character of a defence industrial interest group

Members of full member associations are EDTA fellows
Engineers of  member companies of associated member associations are Associate EDTA fellows

EDTA is a non-profit federation of associations with no independent capital.

Currently Captain NAVY (ret) Jan Wind of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) is president of the federation.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

CiDAN award
presented to EDTA for promoting a strong
European Defence  Technological Base
Berlin, 27 November 2018