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Welcome to the pages of the Defence and Security division of the Royal  Netherlands Society of Engineers

The Royal  Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI is the Netherlands association of 23.000 engineers and engineering students. The Defence and Security division KIVI DV  is for everyone interested in technology applied for defence and national security. The division provides her members a platform where technical oriented people, active in the defence and security sector, can meet, learn, network and exchange information.

The  Netherlands Society of Engineers was established on 31 August 1847. The monumental office and conference building is located in the heart of the city of The Hague.

Goals and activities
The first goal of KIVI DV is to inform their members and other interested people on the latest developments in technology and materiel for defence and security applications. Lectures, symposia, company visits are among the activities to achieve this goal. These are usually free of charge and open for members and visitors.

Another important goal is to keep politicians and the military leadership informed on important technological developments related to defence and security capabilities. For this purpose the annual Kooy symposium, targeted seminars and other special activities are organised.

The third goal of KIVI is to promote and foster high quality engineering education in the Netherlands universities and technical colleges. For this purpose the Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer qualifications have been introduced in the Netherlands. Experienced engineers can be accredited and registered by the association as a proof of high level professional competencies through training and monitored professional practice experience.

The Defence and Security division has a broad scope covering both areas of interest:

- Military platforms
- Weapon and sensor systems
- Command and control
- Planning of operations
- Vulnerability and protection
- Education and training
- Logistic support
- Crime fighting
- Anti terrorism
- Cyber defence
- Disaster relief
- Crisis management
National and International engineers with bachelor level degree or higher in a technical field of study are elegible to become a member of KIVI DV. 
Membership includes a subscription on both magazines of the Royal  NetherlandsSociety of Engineers. 
Membership fee is about € 140,- per year.
Interested? Email: 

Office and conference centre 
Prinsessegracht 23
2514 AP Den Haag
The Netherlands
Mail address: 
P.O.Box 30424
2500 GK Den Haag 
The Netherlands
I:  E:
Capt RNLNavy Jan Wind (rtd)
T: +31 71 7113973
M: +31 6 23502003
Mr. Harold Bousché
T: +31 88 866 38 62
M: +31 6 51208520


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