Young European EuroDefense Conference 2015

posted 10 Aug 2015, 00:38 by Jan Wind   [ updated 10 Aug 2015, 01:05 ]
During the first week of august 2015 I had the honor as president of the EDTA to attend the 6th Young European EuroDefense 
Conference 2015 (YEEC2015). This year held in Breda and The Hague (The Netherlands). My association, the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI, hosted the closing day of the conference, when the 70 students from 10 European nations presented their papers. Among the audience were a former Minister of Defence, Ambassadors and several flag officers.

Ten papers on future European security were presented by as many multinational groups of master students and recently graduated academics. All of the groups demonstrated a good knowledge of European security issues and presented a clear way ahead. It was interesting to hear a common call for more European integration presented by almost every group as main solution for current and future issues. Also the emphasis on the importance of awareness among the European people as core challenge for future security was an important signal from the young Europeans.

From the perspective of the EDTA it was most interesting to register a convincing call from the participants that technological advances should be monitored closely and taken into account when developing new European security policies. Also developments on controversial issues like the unavoidable approach of technology for autonomous weapons. Proposed solution for the struggling defence technology market and participation of SMEs was a new business model much closer to regular economic market principles.

Preluding on the intended partnership between EURODEFENSE and EDTA, my association KIVI was invited to participate with two representatives in the Netherlands national delegation of seven, I had the honor to be member of the expert panel and assess the papers presented, and my association gladly hosted the closing day of the conference.

A rewarding opportunity for EDTA to show 70 European security policy students the importance of technology for defence and security policy.

Jan Wind
President EDTA