Survey on a Virtual Network for projects

posted 23 Jul 2010, 10:03 by Jan Wind   [ updated 16 May 2011, 03:36 ]
Recently it came to mind that we all try to cooperate using email, telephone and fax. We work together on documents by emailing them around. Often not to all, but only to our relevant partners. Result is that no-one is up to speed on all information.

It would be much more effective to have a shared network just like the intranet in your company, but now specifically to be used between organizations al over Europe who try to collaborate on Defence and Security technology. The network should be safe, secure, open for trusted collegues and closed for others. It would be more than LinkedIn or XING and enable you to share and save documents, Excel sheets and other information on your plan and projcts.

Please let us know by filling out the brief survey below if you are interested to participate in such network.