Lecture series "Technology, Peace and Security" at Eindhoven University

posted 25 Mar 2014, 07:00 by Jan Wind   [ updated 25 Mar 2014, 07:04 ]
The Royal Dutch Society of Enigineers would like to point you at this interesting annual lecture series, which is primarily intended for master students in engineering at the Eindhoven University, but also open for EDTA members.
Time: Thursday 13:45 - 15:30 except indicated otherwise.

To register: Use this link


April 24 
From the fall of the Wall to Afghanistan and further. The Dutch military in a changing world, 1989-2014
Former Minister of Defense Eimert van Middelkoop

May 1 
Nuclear Weapons: A Past without Future?
Krista van Velzen, programme leader nuclear disarmament, Pax Utrecht

May 8 
New Military Technology, Benefits and Dangers
Cdre Prof. dr. Frans Osinga, Netherlands Defense Academy, Breda

May 15
Energy and International Stability
Drs. Lucia van Geuns, Clingendael Institute,The Hague

May 22
Chemical Dis/Armament
Dr. Marloes Joosen, TNO-Chemical Safety, Rijswijk (13.45-14.30)
Biological Warfare 
Dr. Netty Zegers (14.45 – 15.30)

June 5 
Cybersecurity and Cyberwar
Ir. Ronald Prins, founder/director IT-Fox, cybersecurity-expert

June 12
Armament and Ethics
Drs. Mr. Ron Ritzen, Hogeschool Avans, Den Bosch

June 19 
Military uses of Nanotechnology: A New Threat?
Dr. Jürgen Altmann, University Dortmund (13.45-14.30)
Water wars, climate wars and the dangers of catastrophism 
Dr. Jeroen Warner, Wageningen University (14.45 – 15.30)