Kooy symposium 2016 - Big Data and AI

posted 11 Feb 2016, 06:37 by Jan Wind   [ updated 11 Feb 2016, 06:40 ]
The 2016 Kooy symposium language of the 2016 edition will be Dutch!  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data (BD) will change the armed forces entirely in the near future. Enormous quantities of data do become available through the internet and even more data significant for defence and security goals will be collected by aircraft, drones and many other advanced sensors. Petabytes of information about terrain, people, threats and targets have to be analysed, combined, interpreted, validated and used for engagements. Artificial Intelligence and in particular machine learning systems will help us with this task. Some people already predict technological singularity, where artificial intelligence will surpass our human brains.

The speed of developments in AI and BD is so fast that the need arises to reconsider the well known innovation model of the triple helix. New technologies emerge faster than the Defence sector can keep up with when following the traditional procedure of research, specification, tender, product development and production. Also the cost of development will exceed the available budgets of the ministries of Defence soon.

During the symposium we will discuss the question of what to expect of the approaching technologies and how we can adapt to these high speed changes.

The Kooy symposium will be held on Wednesday 6 April 2016 in the auditorium of the Major General Koot Barracks, Wolweg 100, 
3776LR Stroe, The Netherlands. The symposium is free of charge, but admission is upon prior registration only.