KIVI NIRIA mini-conference: biometrics for the Armed Forces

posted 15 Apr 2011, 07:22 by Jan Wind   [ updated 15 Apr 2011, 07:51 ]

The Netherlands Armed Forces are now introducing biometrics as element of counter IED warfare. Assisted by experience in the police force and industry several encouraging results have been achieved.
During an evening seminar on 27 April 2011 at the KIVI NIRIA centre in The Hague the results and future plans will be discussed.

Presentations include:
  • Application of biometrics in Afghanistan (Military police)
  • Application of biometrics in civil forensics (National police)
  • Biometrics in business (HSB)
  • Intentions for Defence (Joint Task Force IED)
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If you are interested please contact the secretary of KIVI NIRIA Defence and Security, CAPTAIN RNLN (ret) Jan Wind
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