July newsletter of the EDC2011: Interactive sessions and more

posted 13 Jul 2011, 05:12 by Jan Wind   [ updated 13 Jul 2011, 05:16 ]
The programme of the conference has developed as more speakers and abstracts are becoming available. The sessions on the European Defence Agency Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection (EDA JIP FP) and on European Technology non Dependence (ETnD) have been moved to the morning of day 2.
Also a time schedule is now available. See version 4 of the brochure or www.defenceconference.eu/day1

Participants are registering from all over the European Union. From Finland to Spain and from Romania to Ireland. At the time of release of this news letter we have registrations from 11 European nations.

We are pleased to note that EDA has decided to conduct a JIP FP Management Committee (MC) meeting back-to-back with the EDC on 19 October 2011 in Warsaw.

Supporting Partners Update
Several associations of defence and security industries and associations of defence and security technology engineers publicise the conference plans and news to their members. Their members receive a discount off the participation fee. See http://www.defenceconference.eu/Partners-Exhibitors for more information.

We are proud to announce three content partners:
- The “Security and Defence Agenda” in Brussels
- “Rand Europe” of Cambridge, UK
- The “Raport” magazine of the Altair group in Warsaw, PL

Interactive sessions
During the EDC three types of interactive sessions are planned: debate sessions, panel debates and snapshot sessions. In this newsletter we would like to explain a little bit more about these sessions.

Debate sessions
During these (three) sessions participants are invited to discuss important issues in “syndicates” (small discussion groups). After an introduction of the topic by the speaker a moderated debate will follow in these syndicates. First the questions will be explored in groups of about 10 participants. In a second step potential solutions will be derived. Subsequently results will be validated and presented during the closing session and in proceedings of the conference. The titles of the three debate sessions are: “EDA policies and tools”, “Participation of less involved pMS and SMEs” and “Bridging the gaps in Europe: R&T and innovation”.

Panel debates

During the (three) panel-led debates speakers will introduce their views on the subject matter of the session. These introductions will be followed by a debate on topics where a difference in approach or opinion exists. The audience will be invited to participate in the debate.
The titles of the three panel debates are: “Technology Forecast: Trends and Focus”, “Multinational defence cooperation policies” and ”Relevance of EU security research program for defence cooperation”.

Snapshot and poster sessions
During the first snapshot session results of R&T projects will be presented in very compact presentations. The second session is intended to cover proposals for new R&T projects in the style of past Eurofinder conferences.
After the last presentation, the participants will move to the exhibition area where posters of the presenters will be displayed. Here, discussions and further explanations can take place.
It is still possible to submit abstracts for these sessions on www.defenceconference.eu/your-contribution

For more information see: http://www.defenceconference.eu or contact us: defenceconference@eventlab.org

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Jan Wind,
13 Jul 2011, 05:13
Jan Wind,
13 Jul 2011, 05:13