Jan Wind on Defence and Security Funding

posted 18 Dec 2015, 02:54 by Jan Wind   [ updated 18 Dec 2015, 02:55 ]
Innovation in security and defence usually involves new technologies or capabilities, though sometimes it concerns improvements to an organisation or its leadership. However, funding is almost never the subject of innovation – and yet it needs more attention in view of the continuing decline in government budgets, which affects technology and capability development programmes.
Could alternative players in the economy contribute? And if so, how?

Please download below a copy of the article “Innovation in Defence and Security funding” by EDTA president Jan Wind as has been published on 15 December 2015 in the Security Europe magazine.

An expanded version of the article with more details and examples can be found on the company website: http://www.wisernl.com/downloads

Jan Wind,
18 Dec 2015, 02:54