European Parliament conference on defence cooperation

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On 6 February 2019 a roundtable conference at the European Parliament organised by Sallux, EDTA and EuroDefense addressed current intentions of the European Commission with respect to defence (materielcooperation. Are these plans effective to reach the goal of improved cooperation, a more effective defence industry and better involvement of SMEs throughout the Union? What could be negative effects of these policies and how could these be mitigated.

EDTA president Jan Wind presented two proposals in his presentation "Financing the Future": 
(1) to simplify EDF co-funding negotiations and 
(2) to improve spin-off and involvement of SMEs.

The conference was very topical as the so called Trilogue between the European Commission, The European Council and the European Parliament on the European Defence Fund and connected policies is still on-going. The conference was hosted by MEP Marek Jurek, the "rapporteur" on the European Defence Fund of the European Parliament.

As a result of the conference a set of recommendations to support or amend the Policies will be sent to the European Commission, the European Parliament and others.

The conference was hosted by:
MEP Marek Jurek, ECR group, Right of the Republic Party, member of ECPM – Poland

Keynote speakers were:
Vice-Admiral RNLN Ben BekkeringPermanent Representative to the EU and NATO - NL
Prof. Dr. Julian Lindley-French A leading advisor, strategist, and author on foreign- and military affairs – UK
Dr. Antoni Pieńkos Director of the analysis division at the Warsaw Institute of Strategic Initiatives – Poland
Each keynote is followed by a panel discussion.

The organisers assembled representatives of SMEs in the defence related industries, members of Eurodefense, EDTA, representatives of governments, National Armaments directors, military personnel (Brussels based) MP's, MEP’s and staff, EDA staff, etc.

Information & registration:
Date:             Wednesday 6 February 2019
Location:       European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Bruxelles, Belgium; Room PHS4B001

The conference was organised by MEP Marek Jurek of the ECR Group in the European Parliament,
supported by the Sallux FoundationEDTA and EuroDefence.

Visit the Sallux website for more information.

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