EDTA annual report 2019

posted 11 Nov 2020, 08:09 by Jan Wind   [ updated 11 Nov 2020, 08:12 ]
Below you can download the 2018 annual report of the Federation
including the annual report of our cooperation with the EuroDéfense network.

In 2019 the most important activities of the federation were:
1. Review and comment on European defence policy,
2. Complete working group report “Energy Transition as an Operational Advantage for the Military”
in cooperation with EuroDéfense (EWG26).
3. Present “unintended effects” of current policies in the European Parliament
4. Cooperate with EuroDéfense in the framework of our partnership agreement,
5. Start working group on the participation of SMEs in the defence industry in cooperation with EuroDéfense (EWG29)
6. Implement the new partnership with the European Training and Simulation Association ETSA,
7. Distribute invitations of (inter)national relevant activities among member associations.