EDTA annual report 2017 released

posted 3 May 2018, 03:35 by Jan Wind   [ updated 3 May 2018, 03:39 ]
Below you can download the 2017 annual report of the Federation.

Most relevant activities of the federation were: 
  1. Publish comments on major European defence related policiy documents
    in 2017 we published comments on the:
    - EC communication on the launching of the European Defence Fund,
    - Reflection paper on the future of European Defence

  2. Continued cooperation with our partner EuroDefense 
    in 2017 we published a joint report on Cooperative military education, training and simulation.

  3. Distribute invitations of (inter)national relevant activities among member- and partner associations.

Jan Wind,
3 May 2018, 03:35