DWT spring event on 15 April 2013

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On 15
April 2013, the Second meeting of the Section Dusseldorf / Münster led by Mr. Dr. Jan Byok took place. This time the venue was Röchling Auditorium of Rheinmetall AG in the state capital Dusseldorf.

http://www.dwt-sgw.de/typo3temp/pics/63d793476b.jpg The theme of this year's Spring DWT: Compliance in the business with the public HandDr. Byok, lawyer and partner in the law firm Bird & Bird in Dusseldorf, and the section chief Cologne / Bonn, retired Colonel Jo Schuler had the spring event planned as a collaborative project and put a special emphasis to the topics selection. The focus was less technical aspects of security and defense system rather than the legal and operational issues "Compliance in the business with the public sector", ie the sustained attention of rules in the operational processes. During the afternoon, several experts spoke at a specific, current aspect of this complex problem. It is noteworthy that the Röchling auditorium was almost completely filled with about 100 guests and therefore this high-quality event, and in terms of the number of listeners, an appropriate framework offered. The parl. State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence, Mr. Thomas Kossendey had given the event by greeting the honor.

http://www.dwt-sgw.de/typo3temp/pics/9d37004838.jpgMr. Bodo Garbe, Divisional Board Defence Rheinmetall AG, at the short presentation of the company, this year host the spring event which provided DWTNach a brief welcome Mr. Bodo Garbe, Member of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG - Corporate Sector Defence - closer to the host before. To this end, he described the various "business units" and talked about the market direction and growth objectives of the company. Then Dr. Byok welcomed the attendees, including Mr. General Gorgels as new commander of the country's commands Rhine-Westphalia. Dr. Byok spoke briefly on the organization, mission and objectives of the DWT and defined the generic term "compliance" as an event theme. This made a good transition to the first presentation of the afternoon, in which Dr. Niewiarra the "dos and don'ts" of business contacts described in detail. As a lawyer and shareholder of a compliance consulting firm she outlined the various compliance statutes, which has a multinational company, as part of a production process to note.

http://www.dwt-sgw.de/typo3temp/pics/b7d55a8264.jpgAnja Hammer, house lawyer of Rheinmetall AG, informed about the topic of challenges due to multiple compliance regulations This is followed included a vivid and lifelike presentation by Attorney Baumert, focus prosecutor Wuppertal, in which the criminal acts of corruption, based on interesting cases from the practice of law enforcement explained in more detail. This corresponded well to the presentation by Mr Ltd.. Government Director Michael Dickopf, who anknüpfte from the perspective of the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on this subject. So he put e.g. various corruption prevention measures of the Procurement Office, as in volume's second-largest buyer of the covenant, dar. After a short coffee break Anja Hammer, house lawyer was at Rheinmetall AG, on challenges by multiple international compliance regulations and gave the audience a very interesting insights into the challenges which a large international company is exposed when doing business in foreign countries. Also, the last two lectures of the day by Prof. Dr. Hofler (Bird & Bird LLP) and Dr. Christian Lantermann (Transparency International Germany eV) dealt with exciting and current aspects, namely, the self-cleaning public procurement in the company following previous misconduct and with claims on policy and corporate practice, in terms of compliance. An outspoken guided "lessons learned" closed to all departments to, in the auditorium regarding everyday problems, such as business, but also regarding specific problems of each participant under the relevant topic "nachhakte".