DWT conference on CBRN

posted 17 Nov 2010, 10:08 by Jan Wind   [ updated 17 Nov 2010, 11:46 ]
On 30 November and 1 December 2010 our member association DWT organizes their

1st international Symposium on Development of CBRN-Defence Capabilities,
The information platform for Experts and Decision Makers in the field of CBRN.

The Symposium will highlight the multinational environment in which German military forces are operating, and in which the development of CBRN defence capabilities are embedded, with special attention to NATO and the European Union; it will also reflect on the development of civil CBRN defence capabilities. Up to 1.200 guests from about 50 nations will attend this Symposium. The conference language is English with simultaneous translation in German.

Follow the link to the conference site: www.cbrn-symposium.com