Capt RNLNavy (rtd) Jan Wind (acting) President of the EDTA

posted 13 Apr 2012, 09:48 by Jan Wind   [ updated 13 Apr 2012, 15:31 ]
The Royal Institute of Engineers of the Netherlands (KIVI NIRIA) appointed Jan Wind as chairman for Defence and Security  during their annual meeting in Amsterdam on 11 April 2012.

KIVI NIRIA currently acts as president of the Federation of European Defence Technology Associations EDTA. In accordance with the bylaws of the EDTA Jan Wind will also serve as president of the EDTA.

During the annual KIVI NIRIA conference Jan Wind expressed the intention to improve European cooperation in Defence and Security technology and capability development. The community of defence technology engineers assembled in the EDTA should be one of the important pivotal platforms in Europe promoting and enabling cooperation wherever possible.