Call for participation in EU study on cross border SME participation in R&D

posted 21 Feb 2018, 02:31 by Jan Wind   [ updated 21 Feb 2018, 02:52 ]
For some years, the issue of cross-border activities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the defense sector is on the agenda of the European Commission (EC). Compared to other sectors in the economy SMEs in the defence industry are very much locked into their own nation. The EC does not have a clear view of the causes and potential solutions for this lack of cross-border activities.

As EDTA we addressed this issue late 2016 in our comments to the "European Defence Action Plan":
"The observation in the European Defence Action Plan that innovation and disruptive technological shifts are performed in eco systems of start-ups and SMEs is true in many sectors of the economy, but much less in the defence industry. .... If the Commission intends to stimulate participation of SMEs in the European Defence Technology Industrial Base (EDTIB ) these issues should be addressed."

Our wishes have been answered:
The EC has contracted a study to tackle this problem. The study is being executed by 'Europe Economics' in Londen.

You could contribute to this study and support the EC to develop and adopt policies to increase cross border SME participation in our industry. Please download the invitation below and contact Mr. Sam Winward of Europe Economics directly. T: +44 207 269 2654; E: