Workshop funding of defence and security technology

posted 18 Jul 2013, 02:30 by Jan Wind   [ updated 7 Aug 2013, 05:49 ]
25 sep 2013 13:00-17:30 at the KIVI NIRIA conference centre in The Hague. 

Budgets for technology and capability development of Ministries of Defence throughout Europe are diminishing rapidly.
Private funding sources could replace traditional government sources, although conditions and considerations of banks and venture capitalists are different. Risk and potential return on investment play a key  role for these investors.

During the workshop we will discuss the future of funding by the MoD and the Ministry of Economic affairs, funding by the EC and EDA, funding by banks and other pivate investors, "code of conduct", etc.

Presentations will be given by:
- CDRE Maarten Tossings (NL MoD)  invited
- Pieter Taal (Commisioner Military Production, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
- Inge Ceuppens (European Defence Agency)
- Paul Kruis (NL Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
- Kees van der Hoeven (NL Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
- Maarten Stikkelorum (WISER Consultancy)
- Ricardo Tacken (ABN AMRO - funding of innovation)
- Anton Arts (New Venture Partners) invited
- t.b.d.. (ABN AMRO - Sustainability - code of conduct)

Conference language will be Dutch.
Admission is free for members of the EDTA associations upon prior registration.

For more information and registration visit (in Dutch) or contact

The workshop is organised by KIVI NIRIA Defence and Security and WISER Consultancy