Kooy symposium 2015 - THREATS FROM ABOVE

Missiles and other potentially adversary airborne vehicles are a growing threat to NATO, European and Netherlands territory and forces. Many activities are ongoing to ensure our security, now and in the future. During the Kooy symposium 2015 we discussed the potential theatre missile defence capabilities of the Netherlands frigates and the future of the Patriot medium range missile defence system. With these “niche” capabilities the Netherlands could continue their excellent reputation in the field of extended air and missile defence within NATO. Also options for defence against short range missiles and he growing threat of drones were on the agenda.

How imminent and realistic are the threats, are current capabilities future proof, which solutions are available or should be developed, where are technological opportunities or limitations and how could we cooperate nationally and internationally? These were the main questions adressed at the Kooy Symposium 2015. View programme and download presentations here.

During the first session setting the scene of the programme an overview of developments was given from the perspective of international security and cooperation. In the second session policy and vision we did look to current and future capabilities and related opportunities and issues. In the third session excellent technologies several important technology development activities in the Netherlands were presented. At the exhibition several examples of missile defence and other systems were displayed. Meanwhile participans could learn hand-on missile defence in a war game workshop.

During the symposium the Kooy graduation Award was presented to Ing. Steven Klaassen.

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