Programme, presentations and downloads

Setting the scene
Surprising opportunities in the near future
Prof. dr. ing. A.J.H.M. (Guus) Rijnders
MESA+ institute of the Twente University, Chairman of Inorganic Materials Science
Maj. Gen. Theo Vleugels
Commander Netherlands Defence Academy
Policy and Vision 
Mr. Pieter Taal
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Commissioner for Military Production
Drs. Gerlof de Wilde
Head of Innovative Research, European Defence Agency
Dr. Daniel B. Miracle
Senior scientist for nanotechnology, US Air Force
Additional downloads and information:
AFRL NST Success Stories and US Defense nanotech symposium (symposium is US citizens only at time of publication)
German Defence related activities on nanotechnology
Dr. Silke Römer
Fraunhofer INT, Euskirchen, Germany
Excellent Technologies 
Quantum Cryptography
Ir. Anouschka Versleijen
Technical University of Delft 
Mr. Marcel van Kasteel
CEO Philips Handheld Diagnostics
Prof. Dr. Ir. Rob Lammertink
Twente University
Dr. Ir. M. (Mark) Huijben
Twente University
Dr. Ir. L.J.M.G. (Ardi) Dortmans