EDTA is a non-profit federation of 11 associations of defence engineers and companies in 10 nations. The membership in our federation adds up to over 6000 individual and 400 corporate members. Our goals and means can be found using the links in the left column. 
To cover some of the expenses of our volunteers we offer a few unique and highly targeted advertisement options.

For more information contact E: or T:+31 71 7113973

Homepage banner
Your banner on the homepage of this website. Only one banner will be displayed on the home-page.
Banner size is 475x150 pixels and will be placed on a very prominent spot just above the news section on the homepage. The banner can be linked to the advertisers' website or an EDTA news message. 
Price for this banner is € 1000,- for one month.

Member associations pages
Your banner on one or more of the member association pagesOnly one banner will be displayed on each page.
Banner size is 475x150 pixels and will be placed on a very prominent spot just above the news section of the member-association page. The banner can be linked to the advertisers' website or an EDTA news page.
Price for a banner is € 500,- for one month on the first and € 100,- on each subsequent member-association page.

Advertorial in EDTA news 
A full news page for your message. Includes a news snippet on the home-page and each of the member associations pages. News pages may contain pictures, movies, text and hyperlinks and up to 5 enclosures. Layout by EDTA within the limitations of the page-editor
A news page will remain online for at least a year, and the related snippet will be shown for at least a month. 
Each news page is announced once in our social media channels. 
Price for a news-page is € 1000,-.

- Only advertisements related to the goals of the federation are accepted. 
- All advertisements are subject to approval by the EDTA board. 
Examples of relevant advertisements are defence related conferences, studies and training courses, books and reports.
- Minimum banner placement period is two weeks (half month).
- Advertisements will be marked as such above each banner and on top of each news-page and each news-snippet.
- All prices are exclusive of 21% Netherlands VAT. 
- The advertiser is liable for any breach of property rights in text and pictures.
- Discount options are available for non-profit organisations.
- Contracting and invoicing will be handled by our partner.

Below you will find a PDF of this advertisement opportunity and a banner example.

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